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About us

OCamlPro is a French software company, with a strong expertise in programming languages and formal methods. Our developers and experts have been developing software with high added-value for more than 10 years.

Along these years, we touched many different domains, among which:

  • Blockchains: we audited the bytecode generator in Rust and the Solidity smart contracts of the Everscale blockchain, we developed the prototypes of the Tezos and Dune Network blockchains, etc.
  • Development tools: we developed a Rust web interface to the OCaml memory profiler, we developed and maintain the Opam package manager, etc.
  • Compilers and DSLs: we have members of the OCaml core compiler team, and developed several new DSLs, for example the Liquidity and Love smart contract languages.
  • Formal Methods: we developed several formal method tools in Rust
  • Education: we all graduated from the top French engineer schools and universities, from masters to PhD-levels.

In the last years, we started studying the Cobol language, and grew a strong knowledge of its specification and use. In particular, we are involved:

  • GNUCobol: we are the main contributors of the support for the GCos dialect in GNUCobol, the only open-source compiler for Cobol.
  • Tooling: we have developed Superbol, a framework to parse, type, analyze and transpile Cobol programs. This framework can be tuned to target other mainstream languages, or other Cobol dialects.

CIR Agreement: OCamlPro benefits from a CIR agreement, that allows its French customers to recover30% of their costs on R&D outsourced work at OCamlPro, through the Crédit Impôt Recherche.

Services we offer

Our team of experienced Cobol experts is ready to work with you. We can provide the following services:

  • Advising and support during projects;
  • Code auditing for best practices;
  • Development of tooling, specific to your project, to increase the productivity of your teams;
  • Software modernization to other mainstream languages from Cobol;
  • Training: please, visit our dedicated site

Contact us

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